Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Does the Film Industry Actually Make Money?

Wednesday June 27, 2012

The New York Times today published a great article on the film business: How Does the Film Industry Actually Make Money?

As a summary, this is one of the best articles I've ever read about the reality of generating a return on investment in the film industry.

Professionally created and managed marketing is absolutely essential.  One excerpt from the article reads: " (Men in Black 3's) production costs were close to $250 million; worldwide marketing most likely added at least that much . . . "

Independent producers' marketing expenditures rarely match their production expenditures, yet they want their films to produce profits in scale with major studio releases.  For independent producers in a hurry to promote their films, but don't have funds equal to their production expenditures for promotion, we offer a Fast Track marketing program.  Of course we also offer competitive traditional film marketing programs aimed at both building audiences, and attracting distributors.

The article's writer Adam Davidson asks "Why is anyone in the film industry?"  Well any of us who have been fortunate enough to attend a cast and crew preview, or premiere, understand that there is no thrill that's anything like seeing your work on the big screen.

The reality is producing a film isn't any easier for the major studios as it is for an independent producer, so I congratulate anyone who has overcome all of the problems and completed a film.

If you're looking for an opinion on how to professionally promote your independent film, contact me and we can bounce some ideas around.

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