Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Director Humberto Rosa Developing Award Winning "The Method"

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Director Humberto Rosa Developing Award Winning "The Method"

Cast includes Nicky Whelan, Costas Mandylor, and Christopher Showerman

(March, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA) Humberto Rosa is developing the award winning (Berlin Flash Film Festival, Honorable Mention; Dumbo Film Festival, Nominmated, Best Short Narrative; The Monthly Film Festival, Nominated, May – 2019 – Award) The Method (formerly The Assistant) the story of an ambitious Hollywood assistant who finds herself in a hellish, life-or-death situation when she agrees to live in isolation with an overbearing Method actor who wants an extreme experience far from the executive producer and producer of a civilization, while preparing for his next role. Humberto is the director and executive producer, with well known talent attached like Nicky Whelan, (Hall Pass, Knight of Cups, The Wedding Ringer, Halloween II)  Costas Mandylor, (Virtuosity, Saw V, Saw VI, Saw - The Final Chapter) and Christopher Showerman, (George of the Jungle 2, Big Game, Radio America.)

Currently working in Los Angeles, he now has six titles in development, and an astounding twenty-six completed film and video titles working with some of the biggest talents in the industry both in the US and his homeland of Brazil too!

“I am grateful to have been able to learn so much about such a dynamic industry, and to have been able to work with so many talented people. Film is a collaborative process, and working with great people is a continuing learning experience. Thrilling audiences around the world is the ultimate reward.”

Humberto is the executive producer and producer of a new major Brazilian comedy feature film entitled Solteira Quase Surtando that will be released this month at major theaters throughout Brazil.

He is also producing Subliminal with Warren Zide producer of American Pie and the Final Destination franchise.

Completed are Don't Look Back written by Jeff Howard (The Haunting of Hill House) and has earned an astounding 17 awards, and 16 nominations. The film’s composer was Frank Simes the musical director of the band The Who, and has also recorded and performed with Mick Jagger, Don Henley, and Stevie Nicks.

He is a co-producer of 2119 with Edimilson filho directed by respected Brazilian director Edmilson Filho shot in the USA.

His horror feature Invoked was released in theaters in Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, and Indonesia, was also released in North America, Central America and Europe on Netflix, and is now available on Amazon.

A Consulting Producer on Malady, a horror movie shot in the US about a group of friends who decide to escape the daily hustle and bustle of LA, by going on a camping adventure. But when they encounter an infected man, their adventure soon turns to the fight for survival and now they must escape the Malady.

And producer of Lisa Haisha’s web series, he also interviewed her husband Lee Aaronsohn creator of Two and a Half Men and executive producer (83 episodes) and writer (43 episodes) of The Big Bang Theory.

In 2019 he coproduced a Brazilian horror feature film entitled Meu ódio é minha herança with recognized performers from Brazil like Andre Mattos (Narcos) and Tonico Pereira from Globo tv, which will be released later this year in Brazil.

From the time he saw Indiana Jones and the The Last Crusade, he knew he had to become a filmmaker, and now he would love to collaborate someday with Steven Spielberg. That and more is likely on the horizon for this talented filmmaker.

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Humberto Rosa is available for interview by appointment, pending availability.