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Sahlima Productions Completes "About Nelson"



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Sahlima Productions Completes About Nelson, Film on how Child Trafficking is an Attack on our Basic Humanity

(October 2021 – Los Angeles, CA) About Nelson is about one child's history with child trafficking, and how a child's life can be changed. The film follows the story of Nelson, a seven year old American boy, who manages to escape his captors with the help of another victim. Having escaped, he begins to experience the simple joys of childhood again. Additionally, he finds an advocate and protector in his teacher Solange, who is determined to make him safe. The film is about two realities: child trafficking and what individuals can do to help.

About Nelson was directed by Award-Winning, accomplished actress/writer/producer Sahlima, who also portrays SOLANGE, Nelson's teacher, who will stop at nothing to keep Nelson safe.

Sahlima Productions' mission is to lend a united voice to the diverse global community, by sharing its powerful, relatable stories, and build awareness of this issue in the global film audience.

"Child trafficking is an attack on our basic humanity and should be a concern for every community.  Traffickers enslave their victims by force and sell them for sex, forced labor, and other forms of abuse. A shocking majority of the suspects are family members and people they trust. As a filmmaker, I feel an obligation to bring this offense to light in a way that shows us what personal dignity, caring and collective action can mean. About Nelson needs to be seen by everyone. We can shed light on this desecration of childhood and give voice to those who need it. First we have to know what is happening.  Then we can act. Child trafficking turns complacency into criminality against those who cannot fight back. Please support us. We would be honored to have you join us.”

Sahlima Productions was able to complete the entire project despite the challenges of the pandemic, safeguarding the cast and crew by adhering to CDC and union guidelines pertaining to testing, social distancing, masks at all times, daily temperature checks, and frequent use of hand sanitizer.

The completed film will now be submitted to top national festivals that are all about supporting quality films that depict the reality of our global society, and help make a difference in humanity.

About Nelson recently won BEST SHORT from the Boston Screenplay Awards, and BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY from the New Hope Film Festival.

Sahlima also has several social impact driven related projects in development.


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