Thursday, August 4, 2016

Need Guaranteed Press Coverage?

If you are looking to boost holiday sales of a book, film DVD or other entertainment related product, and you need wide reaching publicity, at a reasonable rate, guaranteed, then my High Intensity Publicity Program will deliver for you.

I will create and implement a publicity program for you that includes:

Creating your press release

A page on my website that will serve as your press resource. The page will include a general description, photos, any of your YouTube videos, and your press release available as a downloadable, fully formatted .pdf

Assistance with every press appearance / interview

I continue to contact journalists and broadcast show producers directly, but my High Intensity Publicity Program also guarantees:*

Your press release will appear on at least 100 media websites,* 
Be distributed by Associated Press to journalists worldwide,* 
Be distributed to 100,000 of their own subscribing journalists* 

* With press release distribution by eReleases, working with PR Newswire

The image below shows a small sampling of places where a recent release appeared on broadcast media outlets sites.  (Note: It's a screen shot so the links are not active.)

Sample of Broadcast Outlet Sites Where a Recent Release Appeared
Click Image to View Full Size

It's my goal to offer you the best possible professionally created and managed publicity program available. 

I've promoted over thirty-five films, and worked with an Academy Award Winner for ten years.

Thanks, and Best of Luck to You!

Steve Thompson / Thompson Communications