Friday, January 18, 2019

Entertainment Publicity: You Know A Guy

Thompson Communications

Hello from Steve Thompson:

This could very well be your lucky day, because you now not only "know a guy," you know two guys!

And not just any two guys, one who has promoted over thirty-five films, worked with an Academy Award Winner for ten years, then a selection of talented young people working both in front and behind the camera, and is now a regular contributor to!

The other guy is a respected entertainment industry journalist who has worked at The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, Dateline Hollywood, and others!

So if you are thinking about promoting your career, or a project (or both!) you should get back to me and find out what we can do for you.

I don't believe you can find a stronger, more powerful publicity offer from anyone, at any price!

Sure, you can pay higher fees to firm, work with an account executive who's job it is to keep you spending more, but who knows more about what the entertainment trade press looks for than someone who has worked on the inside, at more than one major entertainment media outlet?

And who else can actually make the process fun for you? (One of my clients told me once that he'd like to make another movie, just so he could work with me again!)

It's up to you now, you can outsmart your competitors, who will end up doing what they've always done before, while expecting new and better results. You'll take a chance, but risk absolutely nothing, find out what we have to say, and possibly enjoy a break-out year!

Well, you know what to do now!

Thanks for your consideration!

Best Regards,

Steve Thompson

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