Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Guile Branco Describes BrightKnight's Upcoming Feature "A PRODIGAL FEAST"


A note from Guile Branco
BrightKnight Entertainment

This is a presentation for the upcoming feature film "A PRODIGAL FEAST" created using artificial intelligence.

Let me take you on this wild bloody journey with me!

Please help us make this a reality.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

BrightKnight Entertainment, LLC Casts Lynn Lowry as Angela in A PRODIGAL FEAST



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BrightKnight Entertainment, LLC Developing Feature Length A PRODIGAL FEAST, Casts Lynn Lowry as Angela

(January 2023; Los Angeles, CA) Who doesn't need a bloody gory love story around Halloween, with a bit of sadomasochism, partying, brains oozing out of heads, many deaths, and possibly a dinosaur?

Los Angeles based BrightKnight Entertainment, LLC owned by Guile Branco and Lou D'Amato, is developing A PRODIGAL FEAST, as a Halloween seasonal feature.

A PRODIGAL FEAST written by Guile Branco and Arthur McClen, is a well-crafted horror comedy that centers on a dysfunctional family.  Adds Guile: “The screenplay for this film has been an integral part of my adult life, I can honestly say I have been writing and rewriting this for about twenty years. It’s horrific and funny at the same time! Dark humor is our language here, and we are aiming for it to be a Halloween sensation!!”

Shooting is projected to begin around the end of February through the end of March.

Lynn Lowry, famous for doing the movie SHIVERS with David Cronenberg and CRAZIES with George Romero, has been cast as Angela, a character unlike any ever portrayed in cinema. Angela is a former ballerina who descends into madness. A combination of the suppressive gender roles and a passion that never had its day in the sun, leading to the meltdown -- with a bloody aftermath.

Guile Branco concludes: “I created BrightKnight Entertainment, LLC to be a company by actors for actors, giving opportunities to international/underrepresented professionals working in film! We have many people of many nationalities involved, with the one goal: To collaborate and make this the best film we can make!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Over the Last Year

2022 has been an eventful year for me!

At the end of November 2020, I awoke one day, and I knew something was wrong. I could barely get up and walk, and I had an overall sensation that I cannot even begin explain in words, except to say I knew very well that something was wrong.

Off to the Emergency Room, where they discovered I had several blocked heart arteries. The first step is a test that requires the use of some dyes “not to worry, only about one in two hundred people have reactions to the dye,” well, yep, I had an allergic reaction to the dye. So I ended up having only had one stent inserted, instead of four.

A month or two later I had a scheduled follow-up exam. The technician did the test, then he made a call on his cell. He did the test again, then took me to a private holding area. A few minutes later, he came back and began talking in a somber tone. He told me that he called my cardiologist about the test results he had just obtained, and my cardiologist instructed him to do the test again, to verify the results.

Long story short, I went right to the Emergency Room again, where I had three more artery stents inserted.

Actually, for the most part, I felt fairly normal after those procedures, but I was recommended for an aortic valve replacement via TAVR.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) is a minimally invasive procedure to replace the aortic valve in patients with severe aortic stenosis. TAVR is less invasive than open heart surgery, and the procedure typically takes one to two hours.

At the time, the doctors told me my aortic stenosis would continue to get worse, and they were right. By September of last year I couldn’t even stand up without getting out of breath.

Photo: Pete Bannan

So in September I had the procedure done at Lankenau Heart Institute.

The TAVR recovery period is unpredictable, and I’d add that it is inconsistent.  Some days I felt pretty good, other days I slept for thirty-six hours or longer.

Articles on recovery mentioned pain, which I thought would be limited to areas affected by the procedure, but for me the pain was just about everywhere except a few places on my left side.

The condition of being tired, in pain, and with no energy lasted a very long time for me, I would say well over ten months. 

So during those months I decided to look into maybe taking an online class or two, to try to get myself active again.

I came across Coursersa where you can: 

“Learn without limits -- Start, switch, or advance your career with more than 5,000 courses, Professional Certificates, and degrees from world-class universities and companies.

We collaborate with 200+ leading universities and companies”

And their law courses looked interesting.

As a publicist I knew about journalistic standards of substantiation, plagiarism, and so on, and I also had some basic knowledge on copyrights from having had so many screenwriters as clients.

So first I signed up for Introduction to American Law, a course provided by Penn State University. At last, I received a thorough explanation of exactly how and why our legal system works. I earned a 95.83% Grade.

Introduction to American Law at Coursera

Next, I signed up for Introduction to Intellectual Property, where I received a much better understanding of the various types of intellectual properties, and the protections available to creators. Next came specialized courses on Copyright Law, Trademark Law, and Patent Law, all University of Pennsylvania courses.

Intellectual Property Suite at Coursera

After having spent so much time with doctors and hospitals, I next studied U. S. Health Law Fundamentals, then Privacy Law and HIPAA.

Health Law Fundamantals at Coursera

Privacy Law and HIPAA

My most recent course, and to me the most difficult, was American Contract Law I, offered by Yale University. Although Contract Law is logical when examined closely, it is intricate, and is directly affected by a wide range of court cases establishing precedent.

American Contract Law I at Coursera

It was Contract Law that helped me understand why it is so foolish to try to defend yourself in court. What may seem very logical to you, may actually have a completely different history of court precedent. When you enter a courtroom, you are expected to know all of the cases that will affect your case, and when the Judge realizes that you don’t know the precedents, and therefore from a legal perspective, you really don’t know what you’re talking about, your case will be quickly dismissed.

Also, virtually all business disputes are generally not intellectual property disputes, but rather Contract Law disputes.

Contract Law is complicated. A contract not only binds you to the mandatory terms that appear in writing, but also binds you to a whole set of established default conditions that don’t necessarily appear in writing. If you agree to pay someone $600 next month, you must pay in US dollars, in a common form accepted by a typical US bank. You can’t show up with a wheelbarrow full of pennies, despite what you might have read in social media posts, or pay in chicken feed, or iron ore, or roof cement, well you get the idea.

Nuts and Bolts of US Immigration Law

Many of my family members and clients are involved in immigration issues. This course is not intended to replace the efforts of an immigration attorney, but it is intended as a roadmap for understanding the American immigration process. 

The course covered: Short term and long term entry into the United States. Various means of short term and long term entry, as well as the general application processes. Exclusion and deportation, how and why individuals may not be admitted into the United States, and possible reasons for deportation or removal. Lastly, the process of how to become a United States citizen and the various requirements for naturalization.

It enables me to better understand where individuals are in the immigration process, and why certain decisions are made.

So where do I go from here?

I’m going to continue with my legal education, I've now completed nine university level law classes! I like being better able to understand things I read about, like Elon Musk for example. I understand the lawyers’ arguments on both sides, and I have an informed opinion on how the courts will find in his case.

For a number of reasons I’m not taking on any more publicity clients, but I have developed a consultation service. 

So if you have any questions, just get back to me!

Steve Thompson


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Sahlima Productions Completes "About Nelson"



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Sahlima Productions Completes About Nelson, Film on how Child Trafficking is an Attack on our Basic Humanity

(October 2021 – Los Angeles, CA) About Nelson is about one child's history with child trafficking, and how a child's life can be changed. The film follows the story of Nelson, a seven year old American boy, who manages to escape his captors with the help of another victim. Having escaped, he begins to experience the simple joys of childhood again. Additionally, he finds an advocate and protector in his teacher Solange, who is determined to make him safe. The film is about two realities: child trafficking and what individuals can do to help.

About Nelson was directed by Award-Winning, accomplished actress/writer/producer Sahlima, who also portrays SOLANGE, Nelson's teacher, who will stop at nothing to keep Nelson safe.

Sahlima Productions' mission is to lend a united voice to the diverse global community, by sharing its powerful, relatable stories, and build awareness of this issue in the global film audience.

"Child trafficking is an attack on our basic humanity and should be a concern for every community.  Traffickers enslave their victims by force and sell them for sex, forced labor, and other forms of abuse. A shocking majority of the suspects are family members and people they trust. As a filmmaker, I feel an obligation to bring this offense to light in a way that shows us what personal dignity, caring and collective action can mean. About Nelson needs to be seen by everyone. We can shed light on this desecration of childhood and give voice to those who need it. First we have to know what is happening.  Then we can act. Child trafficking turns complacency into criminality against those who cannot fight back. Please support us. We would be honored to have you join us.”

Sahlima Productions was able to complete the entire project despite the challenges of the pandemic, safeguarding the cast and crew by adhering to CDC and union guidelines pertaining to testing, social distancing, masks at all times, daily temperature checks, and frequent use of hand sanitizer.

The completed film will now be submitted to top national festivals that are all about supporting quality films that depict the reality of our global society, and help make a difference in humanity.

About Nelson recently won BEST SHORT from the Boston Screenplay Awards, and BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY from the New Hope Film Festival.

Sahlima also has several social impact driven related projects in development.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sabrina Percario: Producer with Touch A Life Productions presents “Living The Dream”, Feature Film Inspired by Multiple Life Events


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Sabrina Percario: Producer with Touch A Life Productions presents Living The Dream”, Feature Film Inspired by Multiple Life Events

(August 2021; Los Angeles, CA) Multiple award-winning actress and producer, Sabrina Percario, has been collaborating as lead producer with Touch A Life Productions.

Touch A Life Productions was founded to inspire humanity. Sabrina, along with Raja Deka, are changing lives through their work, and currently have multiple films and TV series in development. 

Their film Be(lie)f was selected at the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2021. Be(lie)f is the story of a newly promoted detective, who is assigned a murder case involving the death of a young black man, but he soon realizes his own personal beliefs may obstruct his quest for justice.

On Be(lie)f Sabrina observes: “Quentin Lee Murphy and I produced Be(lie)f to bring awareness to two very important issues in this country: gun regulation and racism. We’re proud of the script and the film's message. We're avid supporters of independent filmmaking.”

Quentin Lee Murphy adds: “Without Sabrina from Touch A Life Productions, I wouldn’t be able to have made this film happen.”

Sabrina is also producing Living The Dream, a feature in which she will also be starring, along with writer Guile Branco, Bella Silverstein, and Raja Deka.

Living The Dream is the story of the struggle of a determined woman on her journey to achieve her lifetime dream of becoming an actress. Inspired by multiple life events.

“The purpose of Living The Dream is to share stories of foreigners who came to America searching to live their dreams. We wanna bring awareness to the struggle of being from abroad, and trying to work in the entertainment business.  

We’re also bringing in veteran director Teresa Lampreia who worked at Globo TV, the biggest TV network in Brazil.

As a lead producer at Touch A Life Productions, I feel honored and blessed to work with Raja Deka. We both share the same goal and mission in life, which is to touch people’s hearts with inspiring and uplifting stories.

Our goal is to see all walks of life globally leaving the theaters after experiencing our films realizing there is a warrior within each one of them with specific purpose.

Were all about lifting humanity and planting seeds through our stories, which are already changing lives, and will inspire generations by reminding each individual of their own courage and all we're capable of despite life's challenges.”

Sabrina has several other projects in development with Touch A Life Productions. More information on those projects will be coming soon.


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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Sebastian Faure on Today's Worldwide Events

Actor Sebastian Faure on Our Current Situation

There are good and bad apples from both sides. Right now, we are facing big issues. We have institutions put in place that protect police officers from any repercussions. If police officers have nothing to fear from their actions, it pushes them to overstep, overpower and perhaps use excessive force.

The only reason why Derek Chauvin was fired and arrested was because the event was filmed and exposed. I watched the video and it was heartbreaking. Derek showed no fear, a stone cold face of a man who pressed his knee on George Floyd’s neck without an ounce of remorse or empathy.

The worst part is he was aware that he was being filmed. It puts things in perspective on the number of cases and police encounters that weren’t put on film.

Are these institutions creating psychopaths under the illusion of law and order?

Remember, Derek Chauvin had seventeen complaints filed against him and he was still roaming the streets. I understand officers go through a lot mentally and they often have the right intentions to help their community. But the system in place corrupts them by making them less accountable and immune to rules and regulations. Therefore officers become “tribalistic” and less fair to anyone who isn’t a cop.

These officers chose their path, and it’s a heavy burden they must face. And of course, there are good cops. Back to where we were, the murder of George Floyd was filmed and exposed; protests and outrage pressured the people in power to take actions against the police officer who killed George Floyd. The other three officers still at large should be convicted, as they are complicit to this brutality. With great power comes great responsibility, the more power you gain as a police officer, as a politician or even as the President, the more accountable you should be. The bar is set higher to balance out the powers that have been handed to you. You become a leader, and a leader’s duty is to show and set the proper example. It is to unite, not to divide. It is to listen to those who have less, not to dictate what you think is right. It is to admit mistakes and take responsibility. Not to victimize yourself and accuse others for your mistakes. You have the highest position in office, own up to it.

That’s how you build trust within communities and that’s how you get law-abiding citizens. I studied history and somehow history keeps repeating itself to those who are ignorant of the past. Ignorance is bliss but no matter how dark it gets, the truth must prevail. The changes that were put forth in America were always done and executed with the use of force.

America had the Native American genocide, the War of Independence, the Civil War between North and South, the Civil Rights movement; and I’m not counting the wars abroad. Honestly, the whole history of America is based on violence.

It might be embedded in the culture of guns, the second amendment, the paranoia of the invisible enemy and the need for freedom against tyranny.

We all know hate will spread hate and violence isn’t the answer - LOVE IS!

You can’t deny this. Major changes always come through violence in the US; this is a fact. We can criticize all we want and find excuses on how it should be done: a peaceful protest. Truthfully, there is no structure for a proper protest. It’s subjective and everyone reacts differently. But I do know a lot of people are suffering and these events are making us reevaluate what’s important in life, a person’s breath (his life) or a person’s business? Or are both of them intertwined?

We are aware! Violence won’t solve anything and it might get worse before it gets better. People want change but the status quo remains the same because the people in power like their habits and become accustomed to how the system works to their benefit.

It is in human nature to develop habits and to grow accustomed to a system or a routine, we can get too comfortable and we go into autopilot mode. Habits create laziness, change demands effort.

We must do what’s right and call out injustice, for George Floyd and for the other victims, for the Black Lives Matter movement, for liberty, for equality and for solidarity.

From what I’ve learned, if you don’t question anything, then you must believe the system in place is perfect. We both know that isn’t the case, by questioning rules or orders as a citizen or as a police officer, you’re discovering flaws in the system that need to be addressed.

Addressing the flaws in the current system will lead to progress and change. Ultimately, it will lead to a better future. Please, stop following orders blindly and start questioning, especially during this time when the person at the top is unfit to lead. 

Be brave, spread love and stay safe.