Monday, December 17, 2018

Start Your New Year With a New Communications Director

I have to admit I've been pretty lucky in a lot of ways.

One day when I was talking to a client years ago the term "press agent" came up.

He said to me: "You're more of a 'Communications Director' than a 'Press Agent.' "

I suppose that's truer now than it was back then. These days I generally help shape the message in order to reach the largest audience, then it goes out to media outlets with a good probability of pickup, and social media, then we assist with preparations to interviewers, then we even use social media to promote the published interview!

And this year, I've begun collaborating with an entertainment industry journalist who has written extensively on film and television for Daily Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Dateline Hollywood, so I guess you could even say we're now more a "Communications Team."

Regardless of what you might want to call us, for film, stage, and tv professionals, I believe we offer you an unmatched, powerful publicity program, not available anywhere else, at any price!

Next year really can be a fresh start for you. To learn more all you have to do is get back to me, tell me a little about what you're doing, and what you would like to accomplish.

We'll give you some ideas on how we can help, then you can decide how to best proceed.

Get back to me today, and start enjoying entertainment media coverage at the beginning of next year, generated by your own personal Communications Team! (And have some fun in the process!)

Best Regards,

Steve Thompson
 Thompson Communications

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A few other thoughts:

Words Are Free, But Credibility is Publicity Currency

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Words Are Free, But Credibility is Publicity Currency

It's been said that we are living in a post-truth era.

And that people who do public relations / publicity work are responsible.

After watching someone look into the camera, and a tell a blatant lie, we've all heard people say "oh, she's good."

I know that's just a figure of speech, and the reasons these things have occurred are complex, but we don't live in a post-truth world, and someone who can look into a camera and lie is certainly not good.

There are no schools of journalism teaching how to stretch, or pervert the truth.

Journalism schools still teach basic concepts like substantiation. If you say something is the best, then be prepared to make a straightforward comparison illustrating your point. Good journalists may not include that substantiation their stories, but you can be sure they have substantiation on hand in case they need it.

Rather than working as creators of fiction, the pr pros I know all understand and respect the value of facts.

We enter the communications environment every day on behalf of our clients. The people who we contact depend on the accuracy of the information we provide, because they need to publish the truth, to maintain their own credibility.

Our credibility with the media outlets we contact is our stock in trade.

Yes, we feature the unique characteristics of our clients, in order to develop competitive advantages, and media outlets understand and appreciate that.

But many times when you see people making outlandish statements on tv, it's originally meant to show how outrageous they are, but too many people now take it as straight reporting, and end up believing the content of what they hear.

Our work for our clients adheres to accepted journalistic principles. In over thirty years of preparing and nationally publishing information for clients, we have never once had to issue a retraction or correction.

That should not be anything special, that should be the baseline for what you expect from a pr professional.

So if you are looking to create a publicity program, rest assured that with us you will receive a professionally planned, implemented, and managed program, that will deliver the results you expect.

Thanks for your consideration!

Best Regards,

Steve Thompson
 Thompson Communications

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

How Newsworthy is Your Story?

The world is filled with talented people, and you are one of them!

So maybe if you hire a publicist, your work will be covered in the trades. Will it?

Good question!

The trades are looking for interesting stories, so there are opportunities.

They are looking for breakout performances. New takes on known themes, comments from established talent about working with you.

Immigrants who are establishing themselves here in the US have opportunities with news media who cover news about their country of origin.

Filmmakers with films that examine issues that are taking place in the news, or themes that appear simple but become more complex under examination have opportunities.

Filmmakers who shoot in locations that are familiar to resident viewers, or who bring stars to shoot in location cities have opportunities.

First time recipients of major award nominations have opportunities to describe what it took to earn the nomination.

All of these opportunities share a common element: they contain subjects that interest the media outlets' audiences, which they have not seen before.

So how newsworthy is your story? Find out by telling me a little, and I'll give you an idea of what you might expect.

Best Regards,

Steve Thompson
 Thompson Communications

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Make January Great Again!

Hello from Steve Thompson:

If generating publicity for you or a project would make January great for you, I have an extraordinary offer for you:

I've promoted over thirty-five films, worked with an Academy Award Winning Best Actor for ten years, and worked with a number of young, fresh talented people, working both in front and behind the camera.

And now I’ve teamed up with a well-regarded entertainment journalist who has written extensively for The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, and Deadline Hollywood.

We're now working with clients on promotional programs that will begin in January, and yours can too!

Just get back to me with your questions, tell me a little about what you’re doing, then find out how we can help!

Then you'll actually be looking forward to getting back to work after the holidays!

Best Regards,

Steve Thompson
 Thompson Communications

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