Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Where has Steve been?

You may notice that most of the posts and promotional activity on my sites date back to last year. That's because two major things happened to me over last two years.

First, my brother asked my wife and I if we would help him restore a farm property he owns out in Dalmatia, Pennsylvania.  The property consists of a barn, one building that has three apartments, and a single house.

We began work on the farm property back in April, 2010, and have now renovated three apartments, and a single house.  We're using the single house.  The renovation work is now complete, so that demand on my time is greatly reduced.

Second, last year in October I became responsible for the care of my mother, who suffers with dementia.  For the first six months, this created a great deal of difficulty for us, because she would not sleep overnight, she wandered around our home 24/7, let herself out onto busy Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, and would often bang on our bedroom door overnight several times before being escorted back to her bed in her room.  During the day she would require constant attention and care, so since October of last year I have had very little time for business work.

Through trial and error, and the treatment of several doctors, she is now on a medication regimen that keeps her calm during the day, and allows her (and us) to sleep through the night.

So in summary, the entire farm property is now renovated, and the third apartment is now rented.  My mother is now calm enough for me to get several hours a day of productive time at my desk, although travel is still a problem for me.  If I need to get away for more than an hour or so I need to arrange onsite or respite care for her.

Consequently I'm going to focus on providing advisory / consulting services for now which I can effectively provide under my current situation.

In all, it's been a challenging two years, but we've made it through, and now I'm back to work.

So, how can I help you?

Steve Thompson

Thompson Communications

Update January 23, 2013: My Mom passed away on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2012

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