Thursday, January 21, 2010

Director Olga Sapozhnikova at NATPE

Dubai filmmaker Olga Sapozhnikova will be attending NATPE promoting her fascinating short film "Hidden Beauty" which was recently a Market Recommended Film in the Dubai International Film Festival Market. She also has several projects in development.

An insightful documentary not only on the beauty of Arab women, but their inner strength as well. The film is a portrait of four fascinating women who the director calls her "heroes": Three Arab women who have flourished in the traditionally male dominated Arab society, and a fourth who tells her story of moving from her native Finland to Dubai, UAE to find an Arabic man to marry, while embracing Arabic culture in the process.

One of her "heroes" is Jamilya, who is the only woman in United Arab Emirates working with four hundred men in an ambulance service. Jamilya has saved many people from fires, accidents and collapsed buildings. Her story was so inspiring, that the ruler of Dubai: His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, came to her home to personally express his gratitude for her service to their country. (An event depicted in the film.) As the single mother of five children, in "Hidden Beauty" Jamilya shares her opinions on the beauty of women, especially Arabian women.

You can download a copy of our current press release on Olga's page at

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