Monday, January 25, 2010

A PRODIGAL FEAST exciting updates

This is no longer a "small little" independent film done out of a few bucks, sweat and tears... although these factors are still involved in production, now we have the big boys in Hollywood co-producing with us!

Equilibrium Entertainment, a reputable company that was involved in producing such films as CHICAGO and 3000 MILES TO GRACELAND joins us to make this project happens - because, as the "Senior Vice President" of the company said to me from across the table "I like you, and I like this project!" - and I said "cool".

Anyways we also got an A-list special effects dude who works for Marvel and is currently doing effects for the new THOR movie to work for us for free - if you ask me why would a dude of this caliber work for me for free - my answer is: "don't know, but its ... cool" - anyways everybody loves the script and the team, and that IS the reason why we are getting such amazing professionals to join the team - so in fact I do know the answer to the above question!

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