Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Creating a Professional Film Publicity Structure

For many of my clients, I am the first marketing professional they hire. Most likely because they know they can benefit through publicity, but they don't know where to start.

I figure publicity is like trying to cut your own hair, you can get it done yourself, but it's probably better to have someone do it who knows what they are doing!

Fundamentally, creating a professional publicity structure is simple: A promotional message is created that will inform recipients, and motivate them to take a desired action.

With a typical film, the message can vary, depending on the media outlets we are pitching to cover your story. It becomes a balance between providing them with what they expect to receive on your type of project, but at the same time giving them something that they (and consequently their audience) have not seen before.

I assist my clients in creating a promotional message according to those guidelines. Then I create a web based resource for the people I'm contacting on behalf of my clients: Press releases, trailers, photos, are all available for download at one central location, so journalists and broadcast show producers always have the most current promotional materials available for download, at their convenience, so that's what I mean when I mention a professional publicity structure.

Every film, and every producer's situation is completely different. Experience is valuable, but keeping an open mind, and being flexible is also important.

I want to hear your ideas on the subject, so please get back to me, or give me a call at 856-942-4434.

Best of luck to you with your projects!

Steve Thompson

Thompson Communications

ps: True story . . . a publisher from an entertainment media outlet -- someone who receives my press releases, and has worked with some of my clients -- asked me today for assistance in promoting them!

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