Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here's to a Brighter Tomorrow!

Publicity stimulates activity. Whether the task is building audience anticipation, or bringing your project to the attention of buyers, publicity makes things happen.

And when we make things happen, today becomes better than yesterday, and tomorrow becomes even better than today.

I'm serious about making things happen. Yesterday someone thanked me for helping them sell out a community screening that took place on Sunday. He said " . . . couldn't have done it without you, my friend. . . Thanks so much for all your effort . . . I mean, a packed house! You do your job, and you do it well . . . "

Today, the producer / director added: ". . . thanks for working so hard on this project for me. You went above and beyond my expectations, you are a class act, and I can't wait to make another film, just so you can work on it!!"

In May I did some pre-Cannes work for a group that got them some good trade media coverage, and they ended up selling the film we promoted into a dozen foreign territories.

I'm not claiming that any of us accomplish these things alone. It takes a good story, cast, director, producer and countless other people who know what they're doing to make a project work.

But good publicity can be the spark that brings everything together, and moves everything forward.

I want to work with you to help you create a better future for yourself, your company, and even your family! 

I know it's possible, I've seen it happen.

To find out how we can make it happen, all you have to do is get back to me, and we'll pick up from there!

As always, thanks for your consideration!

Steve Thompson
Thompson Communications

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