Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Need publicity? Let's Talk!

If you or any of your projects have ever been covered by a media outlet, then you know how it feels: it feels great! 

Recently I got a client's film covered by a Sci-Fi media outlet, then the same week another client, an author (and Production Designer with 55 IMDb credits!) made a guest appearance on an LA Talk Radio morning show. Both clients felt great about the media coverage they received.

Click here to see some other recent media placements.

Working with me is easy, efficient, and probably less expensive than you think. Although I've worked on over thirty-five films now, a producer once told me that he understood why people like working with me, because I am "unaffected." A prominent French producer once told me I was "very proficient" at what I do.

So if you need publicity, let's make it happen!

Just get back to me, let me know when you are available to speak briefly. I'll give you a call, answer all of your immediate questions, including how much media coverage you can expect, and of course, how my fees work. 

Then maybe this time next week you'll be feeling great about the media coverage you or your project received!  I hope so!

Steve Thompson

Thompson Communications
+1 856-942-4434
Skype: stephen.thompson580

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