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Sebastian Faure’s Journey from Fine Art to Film Acting

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Sebastian Faure’s Journey from Fine Art to Film Acting

Currently Working in David Fincher’s Mank

(April 2020 – Los Angeles, CA) Sebastian Faure was born in the cultural melting pot of Dubai. Brought up in a French-Polish family, his colorful upbringing in the Gulf led him to have a strong understanding of many different cultures.

His romanticized perspective of the world had him cast aside at a young age but proved to be valuable once his mother introduced him to the arts. "The first time I held a pencil and started drawing was when I was with her. The first time I had to recite a sonnet in class, I was practicing at home with my mum. She was always there to support me. For that, I'm grateful." Once he got to explore his fathers' film collection, he was hooked. Being a part of the magic of making movies soon became his raison d'être. 

Although his father advised him against pursuing a job that has no safety net, he allowed him to attend the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, with a major in Art History and Archeology. Despite having to compromise to put his fathers' mind at ease, Sebastian never lost his desire to pursue an acting career. So without his fathers' knowledge, he started taking theater classes. He graduated from the Sorbonne with a Bachelor's Degree in Art History and Archeology and a Minor in Theatre.

Moving back to Dubai, he worked as an art consultant in a gallery for three years before finally taking the first step towards following his passion by moving to Los Angeles, where he earned a Masters in Fine Art Acting at the New York Film Academy. He is grateful to have been coached by people like George McGrath, Isabella Hofmann, Joe Basile, George Russo, and Ken Lerner, to name a few.

He became acquainted with many acting techniques such as Stanislavski, Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Chekhov, and Grotowski. He was able to take something from all of these techniques in order to create his own style.

After graduating, he started working by taking part in whatever project that came his way. Because of his determination, he developed a reputation, leading him to get work in higher caliber projects. 

It is Sebastian's belief that the art of acting is a never-ending search in finding the essence of a character. A quest to understand human behavior and push away judgment. It's a search for truth in understanding social psychology in the various circumstances of life. 
As Sebastian puts it, "it's not about the start or the finish line, it's about the journey... of discovery, of learning, of growing, and of interacting with others.” In his perspective, acting is an exaggerated imitation of life and life’s purpose is to remain dynamic, to keep moving forward, to take chances through the process of learning and getting out of your comfort zone. The moment you start getting too comfortable with your habits, you are as good as dead as you have lost track of your purpose. We can draw this parallel with acting; a character in any story holds no presence if he has no purpose, no objective.”

He is currently training the Chubbuck technique with Michael Monks. Sebastian’s determined focus on developing his craft is beginning to pay off; today, his IMDb profile shows forty-six film and television credits!

He is now known for his roles in Blue, playing alongside Judith Scott and Chelsea Lopez, in the multiple award-winning Knead for Love, accepted at the Cannes Film Festival and most recently in the upcoming David Fincher film Mank where he is performing with Gary Oldman, Lily Collins, Tom Pelphrey, Amanda Seyfried, and many others.

Mank follows screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz's tumultuous development of Orson Welles' iconic masterpiece Citizen Kane, and Mank is already developing some Oscar buzz.

"Every time I pick a role, I always start by understanding the psychology behind that person and the way he perceives life, because acting is all about the thought process in studying the character’s interaction with his surroundings.”

He is also appearing as a married man who escapes from his ordinary world, jeopardizing everything he thought was love in The Rose Hat written and directed by Ana Karenina Arley Jiménez.

The Rose Hat is currently on the world-wide festival circuit.

Sebastian Faure intends to continue to pursue his passion for acting. "I'm consistently learning more about life and myself so that I can improve my artistic craft."

On his immediate horizon is the upcoming Indiana Jones 5, for which he will soon be auditioning.

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Mank on IMDb

Sebastian Faure is available for interview by appointment, pending availability.

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