Thursday, May 26, 2016

Director Gui Pereira on Guile Branco's 'So Far'

Gui Pereira with Guile Branco
on the set of So Far
Director Gui Pereira's interest in cinema goes back to before he was even a year old! Gui has continually widened his horizons, at fourteen he directed music videos for his friends, at sixteen he enrolled a summer camp at the New York Film Academy.

While in college Gui got a job as a writer for the tv show Take Unico for the Brazilian All-TV network, and most recently he graduated from the Los Angeles Film School, then from the Art Institute of California.

He and Guile Branco have worked together on many projects over the last few years, including the multiple-award winning The Adventures of Sheriff Kid McLain, and Pizza Me, Mafia, with Brazilian tv star Tom Cavalcante, which premiered in the Paramount Theater, the largest theater on the Paramount lot.

On their current collaboration, So Far Gui notes: 

"I've been working with Guile Branco for about six years now and I must say that he's the Johnny Depp to my Tim Burton. I truly trust him as an actor and I have the best actor-director relationship with him! It's always a pleasure working with Guile. 

I have to admit that when he pitched me the idea for So Far all I could think was: 'The guy has lost his mind!' Explosions, Ninjas, Car Chases! All of that with no budget at all! But I was up for the challenge! 

I trusted him and he had put together the best cast I could think of. We shot the entire film in just three days, and everyone gave their heart and soul. Guile is one of the best human beings alive, and his energy can get anything done. So Far is a proof of it!"

So Far is scheduled to be released online on VEVO and YOUTUBE on June 17th.  It has also been submitted for consideration to a number of festivals taking place later this year. 

Announcements about festival selections and screening dates / times will be announced soon.     

View the So Far Trailer

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