Thursday, June 2, 2016

Producer Guile Branco, Director Gui Pereira, and Actor Lou D'Amato on Guile's Upcoming "So Far"

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Thursday June 2, 2016

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Producer Guile Branco, Director Gui Pereira, and Actor Lou D'Amato have all offered their thoughts on the soon to be released So Far.

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So Far is the graphic story of the main character Malone (Guile Branco) and his intense battle with his violent, deadly pursuers. Displayed in both traditional action-adventure cinematic form, along with with highly stylized animation, backed by Guile Branco's own strong-tempo music, So Far asks the question "When you realize you've gone SO FAR and there's no turning back, are you ready to face your fears?"

Producer Guile Branco:  

"When I first came up with the idea of So Far I knew I wanted to go way beyond a simple video music concept, I wanted to take it to the next level, and to be an experience! As a fan of action movies since childhood I wanted it to be a roller coaster ride!

 . . . I kept imagining these amazing action scenes . . . "

Director Gui Pereira:

"Guile is one of the best human beings alive, and his energy can get anything done. So Far is a proof of it" 

Actor Lou D'Amato:

"Guile proves over and over how talented and committed he is to his work and his passion. So Far is a project that started in Guile’s mind over 20 years ago and it entails very personal aspects of his life from when he was young to today." 

So Far is scheduled to be released online on VEVO and YOUTUBE on June 17th. It has also been submitted for consideration to a number of festivals taking place later this year.

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