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Designer Carolina Inoue Starts 2017 Off Right! Wins Best Production Designer Award at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

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Designer Carolina Inoue Starts 2017 Off Right! 
Wins Best Production Designer Award at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival

(February, 2017, Los Angeles, CA) Carolina Inoue is an award winning production and costume designer. This Japanese-Brazilian designer based in Los Angeles has worked in South America, Europe and now leaves her mark in Hollywood. She has become known for Kumal (2016), Red Souls (2016), The Meet (2016) and will soon be known for Downrange (2017), and many more!

She began the new year by earning a Best Production Designer award from the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, for Kumal, directed by Thirati Kay, her second award for this movie.

Last year she worked on The Gliksmans, directed by M. Skolnick, starring the legendary actors Edward Asner and Cloris Leachman; The Open House, directed by Matt Angel and Suzzane Coote, and starring teen star Dylan Minnette. 

She's now working in the pre-production of Keanu Reeves' next movie, and was also the Production Designer of the pilot for the series Faulk My Life, which is expected to be distributed by a major studio soon.

Several of the movies she worked on last year went on to earn awards:

Red Souls - Best Film at Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival 

The Boy in the Mirror - Best Film - California Women's Film Festival

Not Yet - California Film Awards and International Filmmakers Festival of World Cinema - Milan

Run for the Truth - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

Daughter of an architect, she grew up helping her mother design luxury houses and apartments in Brazil. But she always had a passion for making clothes: "My mom taught me how to stitch when I was five, so I could make my own clothes for my dolls and stuffed animals."

She attended The University of Sao Paulo in Brazil earning a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, specializing in Costume Design. After graduating she earned a scholarship to study Fine Arts and Design at the University of Porto (FBAUP) in Portugal. In the US she studied Business and Creativity at Stanford University, and film at the New York Film Academy.

That training opened the doors to the the theatre and movie industries. Once she began working in movies she discovered her passion for the art department. Designing and building sets reminds her of making sketches and floor plans with her mom! She started helping colleagues at their thesis films and through referrals and good networking, in less than a year she progressed from ultra low budget films to movies with budgets of millions of dollars.

She has now been working in costume design for seven years, and has worked in production design in the US  for about three years.

She is currently working as a costume designer with Ryuhei Kitamura, a well known Japanese director, on Downrange. She designed and hand made the villain's costume. The villain's mask will be featured in the film's marketing as the "face" of the movie.  And for Hector Echavarris on The Pastor, she's making the hero's costume.

"Every script is a new adventure. The story begins on piece of paper, then I as the designer, create the universe that surrounds the story told in the script. I consider where the story takes place, when it takes place, who is in the story, who the characters are, and what we want the audience to think of them. The characters range anywhere from a rich, organized, intelligent man, to a messy, dirty, poor, miserable old lady. Their homes and clothes all have to communicate that. 

What I love about my work is that I tell the character's story when they aren't speaking. I can tell the character's whole background story through the set design and costume design. That's a big power and responsibility. If I don't study the story and the characters deeply and carefully, I could mislead the audience and they could get confused or misunderstand the story."

At the moment she is beginning work on a pilot for Netflix, and she has several other projects lined up for this year.

"I am truly grateful for all the opportunities I have received. I am one of the few professionals in Hollywood who started as head of their departments. Most people start out as a PA and work their way up. I'm very blessed to be given the opportunity and trust to lead my department for both Production Design and Costume Design. Work in film isn't easy, but seeing the result up on the big screen is really rewarding. I have several projects in pre-production for the next three years. The industry never stops and I'm looking forward to being on set with some of my biggest idols, some of whom I have already had the opportunity to work with."

Carolina Inoue is a hard working, talented designer, with an impressive, growing list of credits. 2017 looks to be a spectacular year for her, and beyond? The sky's the limit!

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Carolina Inoue is available for interview by appointment, 
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  1. Carolina is having an incredible performance in so short time, for this reason she has a busy agenda. She has works scheduled for the next 3 years.