Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Reaching Your Audience

Thompson Communications

Your audience is out there right now, and you can reach them in as little as a week!

I've helped producers, directors, actors, actresses all expand their audiences through a combination of media coverage and social media leveraging.

Promoting creative people and projects is substantially different from developing your own creative talent.

Most professionals prefer to have someone else produce their promotional message, so they can continue to focus on improving their craft.

You can take a chance with someone starting out, we all start somewhere. Or you can budget several thousand dollars a month and go to a large PR firm with full staff if you can afford it.

I'm right in the middle: Experienced in film productions, film personalities, and regional stage shows, operating independently.

For ten years I had an Academy Award Winning actor who was very grateful for the services I provided for him. And I successfully promoted a regional theatre group for years pre-pandemic.

And recently I've worked with a number of talented young people both in front and behind the camera.

And I now have an associate in Los Angeles who has worked at The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, and Dateline Hollywood, who is available to help shape your promotional message, whether you are interested in a press release, feature story, or even an autobiographical book!

You don't have to do it yourself, settle for someone who is less experienced, or more expensive, the choice is yours!

Just get back to me me directly at steve@cinemanewswire.com


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