Thursday, September 26, 2019

Aspiring Entertainment Journalists

Thompson Communications

Do you publish a blog on entertainment news?

We're looking for aspiring journalists who would like to write on subjects about film and television.

Our clients have some of the most interesting stories in the industry. And they work in the industry, defying the odds, and making a name for themselves.

Producer / SAG/AFTRA Actress Sabrina Percario is earning multiple awards for her performance in Mojave Shadows, currently out on the festival circuit.

Actress Noy Marom is a New York City Actress who has formed her own performance troupe, and completed her own short film.

Producer Patrick Jerome worked hard to learn the craft of filmmaking, only to see the Haitian government overthrown, forcing him to live underground until he could arrange his move to the US.

Actress Tatyana Figueiredo is making a name for herself in the healthy lifestyle arena.

All of these people and more have interesting, true stories, and we'll be glad to provide you with more information.

Just get back to me and we'll get you access to everything. And we'll even help you build your readership!


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