Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Less Predictable Side of Crowdfunding

I was as amazed as everyone else when tv producer Rob Thomas recently not only raised his $2 million goal on Kickstarter, but as of today has raised nearly $4 million.

But within days of him dramatically exceeding his goals, some interesting points are beginning to be considered by various writers.

One of the most interesting in my opinion is Jason Schmid's Crowdfunding studio films: Amazing or insane?

I hadn't considered the lack of oversight (no creative interference, woo hoo!) by traditional investors, but what I think is worth considering is that the large number of the IndieGoGo investors are settling for nothing more than the perks described in the campaign.

Companies like eBay and iomega have faced class action lawsuits for several reasons, and although Rob Thomas and his crew are certainly well intentioned, this Veronica Mars / Kickstarter situation seems to me to beg for a class action lawsuit, particularly since there is no provision for share of profits.  (I would be glad to publish a piece by an entertainment attorney on this subject.)

But then of course that assumes that there will be profits, and anyone who follows Hollywood news knows that even blockbusters never actually earn any profits, at least according to studio accountings.

Anyway, I'll continue to follow the Veronica Mars story, and keep you informed.  Yes, of course I do provide publicity and marketing services to my clients, but I also bring them relevant news that I believe is worth their consideration, even if it may not be what they want to hear at that particular time.

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