Saturday, December 8, 2018

How Newsworthy is Your Story?

The world is filled with talented people, and you are one of them!

So maybe if you hire a publicist, your work will be covered in the trades. Will it?

Good question!

The trades are looking for interesting stories, so there are opportunities.

They are looking for breakout performances. New takes on known themes, comments from established talent about working with you.

Immigrants who are establishing themselves here in the US have opportunities with news media who cover news about their country of origin.

Filmmakers with films that examine issues that are taking place in the news, or themes that appear simple but become more complex under examination have opportunities.

Filmmakers who shoot in locations that are familiar to resident viewers, or who bring stars to shoot in location cities have opportunities.

First time recipients of major award nominations have opportunities to describe what it took to earn the nomination.

All of these opportunities share a common element: they contain subjects that interest the media outlets' audiences, which they have not seen before.

So how newsworthy is your story? Find out by telling me a little, and I'll give you an idea of what you might expect.

Best Regards,

Steve Thompson
 Thompson Communications

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