Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Make January Great Again!

Hello from Steve Thompson:

If generating publicity for you or a project would make January great for you, I have an extraordinary offer for you:

I've promoted over thirty-five films, worked with an Academy Award Winning Best Actor for ten years, and worked with a number of young, fresh talented people, working both in front and behind the camera.

And now I’ve teamed up with a well-regarded entertainment journalist who has written extensively for The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, and Deadline Hollywood.

We're now working with clients on promotional programs that will begin in January, and yours can too!

Just get back to me with your questions, tell me a little about what you’re doing, then find out how we can help!

Then you'll actually be looking forward to getting back to work after the holidays!

Best Regards,

Steve Thompson
 Thompson Communications

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